Rod Tropheus


     Genus Paracyprichromis ( more precisely, its two species) lives in all parts of the lake. Their eggs, on the contrary to the genus Cyprichromis are fertilized in water before puting them into a throat follicle of a female. Both species are plankton eaters and they do better in aquarium conditions as they are fed with alive cyclops. Adult fish grow up to 10 cm of length. 

Paracyprichromis brieni Kitumba - Velifer 
     P. brieni has got several geographic forms. The fish dwell in open water areas close to perpendicular rock faces in depths of 10 to 25 metres.
    P. brieni from the area of Kitumba are known under the trade name „Velifer“. Females of this form have got, on the contrary to  non colour females of genus Paracyprichromis, a contrasting coloured dorsal fin, whose base and rim are black while the middle is shining white.




 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Blue Neon
  •      P. nigripinnis – Its trade and well established name is „Blue Neon“  was derived from horizontal blue shining stripes on the red background of the fish body. Blue Neons go deeper into the sea  than P. brieni, down to the depth of 40 mertes. Males live in caves, where they can stay in the belly up posiotion under the caves´ceiling for quite a long time. They defend their territories rather actively, too. Nowadays,  their albino form can be quite often found in aquariums. This form needs the same breeding conditions as the red one. It generally tends to be more sensitive, however, as any other albinos do.


    Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Blue Neon albino