Rod Tropheus



     Breeders and ichthyologists  have published much infomation, news and experience about genus Tropheus. Thatīs why I am going to mention just some brief notes. Genus Tropheus lives in the whole lake  and consists of several species and dozens of colour forms. All of them live on seaweed from stones, with which they swallow a small proportion of meet food – little invertebrates and a bigger proportion of ballast materials – approximately 30 %  - mainly of  sand. Their digestive tract with a long gut is adopted for digestion of such rather poor food. It means that quality food of high nutritious standard can do harm to fish in aquarium conditions. It can harm them in the way that fish ( mainly caught ones ) can put on weight very quickly, which has a negative influence on their reproduction. In the wild, males defend a territory of such a size that cannot usually   be reached in aquarium conditions. Therefore, the situation is solved by breeding a group of  20 – 30 fish to diminish the aggressiveness of a dominant male. In such a situation, the male cannot concentrate on just one fish it would kill within shorter or longer period of time. 



Tropheus moorii Kalambo OB


Tropheus spec. aff. Red – Chipimbi albino




Tropheus moorii Red Bishop




Tropheus brichardi Kipili albino




Tropheus spec. aff. Black - Golden Kiriza






Tropheus moorii Ilangi yellow - Nkamba Bay




Tropheus moorii Nkonde yellow - Linangu




Tropheus moorii Kapampa




Tropheus moorii Red Rainbow - Kasanga




Tropheus moorii Murago





Tropheus spec. aff. Black - Ikola




Tropheus spec. aff. Red - Chimba


      Tropheus spec. aff. Red - Chimba    Tropheus spec. aff. Red - Chimba


Tropheus spec. aff. Black - Bulu Point