Rod Eretmoideus

     Tribus Eretmodini consists of four species. Geographically, its species live in all parts of the lake, but only in upper shallow water levels of rock litoral and the transitional zone 3 4 meters deep.  The fish are  mainly algofagous in the wild, nevertheless, together with seaweed they consume meat in the form of various kinds of benthos - fauna living on the lake bed. These fish are omnivorous in aquarium conditions. Mind you, they are always hungry. Be careful about overfeeding them. All members of the family are non strict pair mouthbrooders, which hand over the lay 10-12 days after spawning. Nevertheless, it does not come to the handover of hatched embryos every time. If, for example, there are too many fish in the tank and the female does not consider the condition safe to hand the lay over, it is only the female that carries the larvae full period. Concerning inner species relationship, these fish are really aggressive. A weaker fish in their hierarchy is very often killed if the fish live in limited space. It is ideal to breed them together with other species of Tanganyican cichlids or in large tanks.All the members of the tribus grow up to 8 cm of length so they are rather little. Because of their size, it is possible to breed them with, in fact, all representatives of that biotope. From the ethological point of view, they are one of the most interesting inmates among Tanganyican cichlids. Although they are really numerous in the lake, their breeding is not so easy.

Eretmodus cyanostictus Kasanga



Eretmodus cyanostictus Kigoma


Eretmodus cyanostictus Moba


Spathodus erythrodon


Spathodus marlieri


Tanganicodus irsacae